producciones invisibles

That thing is standing there completely alone

Video-walk, 22 min, 2013.

The project consists of a video walk that invites people to attentively walk around the heavy-load bearing body and its near surroundings. The nazi architect Albert Speer erected this structure in order to determine Berlin’s ground resistance to the monumental constructions of Germania, the megalomaniac city project carefully conceived by Hitler.

The video shows a subjective camera roaming around the building. Real time and filmic time are intertwined; real space and filmic space overlap, a different corporal perception is activated. As the visitors walk and recognize the path and space shown on the screen, a set of head phones allows them to hear different stories, memories and anecdotes told by the inhabitants of the neighborhood, the members of a contiguous garden-colony, the former workers involved in the construction of the object, and other people who had or have some sort of relation with the place.

That thing is standing there completely alone explores the possibility of interweaving individual perspectives of a story in order to narrate a more complex and profound version of history. What are the criteria to choose some voices over others? How to decide if something should disappear? What should be perpetuated? What are the just strategies against oblivion’s voracity?

In collaboration with Evi Kruckenhauser