producciones invisibles

Incongruent movement

Intervention in the basement of La Tabacalera, Madrid. It consisted of two rooms, one small  on the left and a higher one to its right. Both of them with arched roofs. A tree was set in the smaller space, appearing to have been planted there. It occupied almost the entire place. The shadows of its branches and leaves were projected on a screen that was installed along the arc. They moved slightly because of two fans blowing air from the back of the room. Trunk, branches and earth were brought from the patio, where weeks earlier, a dry and dead tree had been cut. Next to the tree’s remains soil was being accumulated and prepared for a fledgling garden project.

The second space, much higher than the former, housed a swing that hung over an old iron structure which was already found there. At the top, towards one corner of the structure,  a small lamp shed light on a set of tree leaves made of paper. When someone swung the rope would move the paper leaves whose shadow was then projected onto the ground. (Collaboration with Benjamin Ramirez.)