producciones invisibles

Drifts for a few crowds

Project developed under the frame of La noche en blanco 2010 – Madrid. Commissioned by Basurama and supported by the Embassy of Colombia in Spain.

Make games! was the motto behind all the proposals deployed on the night of 11 September in Madrid, 2010. Producciones invisibles called all interested people to participate in a workshop lasting two weeks. We reviewed the tools and ideas hatched in the theater of Augusto Boal and the practices of the Situationist International. Through the discussions, exercises and bonds that the workshop enabled we coordinated a series of actions with which the group infiltrated among the crowds that roamed during the event.

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With the participation of:

Ana María Pérez Romero, Andrés Alejandro Villalobos, Ángel Villalón Valverde, Bea de Martin-Barbadillo, Beatriz García Fernández, Cecilia Voter Rengifo, Daniela Álvarez Borlando, Elías Vizcaíno Licerán, Esther Domínguez Angulo, Georgina Marcelino, Jéssica Martínez Arribas, Julia Fournier Úbeda, Lara Jiménez Fernán, Mari Carmen Medina Huescar, Meritxell Pérez, Miguel Moreiras, Núria Pallí Tomás, Paloma Gamonal Montesinos, Paula La fuente, Pilar Cortés Forníes, Sonia Casas Castedo, Susana Román, Virgina Lazarte, Alicia Gonzalo Berciano, Elizabeth Guevara, Erinso Diaz